FreeBitco.In: A Review of Most Popular Bitcoin Faucets


Hi friends, if you are looking for how to make free bitcoin without any investment then today's guide will help you to make free bitcoins easily up to 0.01 BTC daily.  Today I am going to share a website to earn free bitcoins up to 0.01 BTC daily which are 100% legit and paid site verified after extensive research. 

Free Roll:-
This is the faucet portion of the site. Here you get free-roll every hour. On each free roll, users get rewards points, lottery tickets, and free bitcoin. All you need to complete the captcha every hour, tap roll and your number will come up. This corresponds to your reward, and that will be credited to your freebitco account. This bitcoin varies based on the number you get by rolling every hour. Almost every time, you will receive the minimum prize of $0.02 and the maximum prize of $200 in bitcoin. The USD price is fixed, but because of bitcoin price fluctuates so does the prize in bitcoin may be varied.

Multiple BTC:-
Particularly popular is their Multiply BTC feature, where you can play a probably free and fair HI-LO game. Basically, all you need to gamble with your earned bitcoin to try and multiply them by up to 4,750 times. But I will not recommend you to play this game to earn bitcoin if you are new to this gameplay.

Earn Bitcoin:-
It really not only to earn Bitcoin, as much as it is, the “Bitcoin Savings Bank” also. You will receive compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in your account, without doing anything. Essentially, FreeBitco paying interest on freebitco accounts with more than 30,000 satoshis. The current interest rate is compounded daily at 0.0109589%, which adds up to 4.08% a year interest.

The lottery prizes can get pretty high, always more than 0.75 Bitcoin ($8,600+ USD), the chances of winning are astronomically low too! With 300-500 million tickets being distributed in each drawing, it’s typically not worth it to invest your free satoshi here. And this lottery draw event happens every week. You will receive 2 free lottery tickets for every FREE BTC roll you play, 1 ticket for every roll your referrals play and 1 ticket for every 0.00001000 BTC that you wager in the MULTIPLY BTC game!

Reward Points:-
Reward points can be used on a variety of things. You can order prizes like a ledger wallet or a trezor, and even an iPhone X. The best thing is to use the reward points to increase your Bitcoin free roll claims up to 1000%! This only costs 3200 reward points. You will receive 2 free reward points for every FREE BTC roll you play, 1 point for every roll your referrals play and 1 point for every 0.00001000 BTC that you wager in the MULTIPLY BTC game!

Participate in monthly wagering in multiply BTC game and referral contest with $30,000 in total prizes. To win the wagering contest with $20,000 in total prizes, you must need rank in the top 10 users by wagering volume for the month and to win the referral contest with $10,000 in total prizes, you just need to rank in the top 10 users by combined wagering volume of your referrals for the month.

Minimum bitcoin withdraw amount is 30,000 sathosi which means almost 0.00030000 BTC.

Refer and Earn free bitcoin:-
You can earn amazing commissions from us by referring users to FreeBitco site. You will get commissions free BTC up to 50% of the base prize they roll, 0.40% of wager in multiply BTC, 25% of daily interest earned by your referrals. You also get 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward points for every FREE BTC roll your referrals play. 
Simply share your referral link with your friends, and anybody who signs up using it will be automatically registered as your referral and you will earn commissions whenever they use the freebitco website.


How to join

1) Just go through my link. So, that I can get some amount as a referral commission. This will not affect your account. (Click to Join)

2)  Sign up using your email Id and Password.

3) Now, verify your email Id by checking your mail verification process.

4) Done!! Now you can earn unlimited free bitcoin every hour up to 0.01 BTC daily.


You have reached the end of my review of And I hope you have found the answers related to all your questions. For me, you have got here a legitimate earning opportunity in 2019. So, you can sign up now and earn some free bitcoin on this platform without the risk of any investment. And if you like the post then, subscribe to the blog and make a comment below.

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